pastorLet me introduce myself.  My name is Mark Schenk, I’m married to Sarah and together we have 3 young children.

I’m from Aberdeen – and yes I support Aberdeen FC!

Having obtained a Politics & Church History degree from Aberdeen University, I then embarked on a career in accountancy.  During that time, my sense of call into the ministry grew; and following much prayer, discussion & contemplation – I entered into training for ministry.   Sarah & I then moved down to Glasgow where I studied for 4 years to obtain a theology degree.

I first came into contact with DSBC in February 2007 and following a further 2 preaching visits and an interview, I was called to be the pastor of DSBC in August 2007.

So what do you need to know about my ministry?

  • I love the Lord above all things and live for His glory
  • I’m passionate about preaching and am passionate for people to know the truth & live out the truth
  • I have a real heart for the lost & for reaching out to them with the Good News
  • I have a high view of Scripture (this means that I hold to 3 I’s – what’s that you ask?  They stand for inspiration, infallibility & inerrancy)
  • I’m serious about the Gospel and by God’s strength strive to equip believers to be about the ministry of the Gospel
  • I’m here to feed, encourage, help, serve & support the fellowship
  • My ministry and the church’s ministry is undergirded by what you’ll find in our Statement of Faith and Vision Statement sections.

If you have the time, please check our resources page.