What we Teach


We’ll teach you from the Bible

  • God’s Word is perfect and life-changing, and therefore we are passionate and deeply committed to faithfully teaching from God’s Word.
  • Because all of Scripture is the inspired Word of God, we teach all of Scripture. Our teaching programme reflects and covers both Old Testament & New Testament and all the different genres of Scripture (Law, History, Wisdom, Prophecy, Gospels, Acts, Epistles, Revelation)

We’ll teach you the Storyline of the Bible

  • Given the sheer size & scale of the Bible, it can be easy to get lost. Therefore, in addition to teaching from all of Scripture, we’ll also teach you how the different parts of the Bible hold together.

We’ll teach you the Big Picture of the Bible

  • Following on from the previous heading, the storyline of the Bible only makes sense when we understand that the whole of Scripture points to Jesus.
  • Sally Lloyd Jones in her excellent Children’s Bible puts it like this – ‘There are lots of stories in the Bible, but all the stories are telling one Big Story … Every story in the Bible whispers His Name. He is like the missing piece in a puzzle – the piece that makes all the other pieces fit together; and suddenly you can see a beautiful picture.’
  • Therefore we preach Christ from all of Scripture!

We’ll teach you how to read the Bible

  • Among other things, what we mean here is that we’ll teach you to understand the context of a passage and ask the right questions

We’ll teach you to think Biblically

  • What we’re talking about here is developing a Christian worldview.
  • We want to teach you to think Biblically not just on a Sunday, not just for the big decisions, but in all of life.

We’ll teach you the Gospel

  • We’ll teach you the content of the Gospel
  • We’ll teach you and encourage you to proclaim the Gospel
  • We’ll teach you that the Gospel isn’t just for conversion but for all of life and at all times. In other words, at DSBC we strive to be a Gospel-centred people – which is what ensures that we are a Christ-centred people.

We’ll teach you the building blocks of the Christian faith

  • It’s crucial that Christians are doctrinally sound and we aim to be comprehensive in grounding our people in the truths of the Bible.

We’ll teach you to love God

  • As Christians we’re called to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength.
  • The teaching at DSBC will instruct and help you to make loving and worshipping God your number one priority in life. In having this priority, love for neighbours will follow on.

We’ll teach you to follow Christ

  • As Christians, we’ve committed ourselves to following Jesus. Jesus makes this call on our lives clear in Mark 8:34 – ‘If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.’
  • Therefore at DSBC, we’ll teach you what this means, how we’re to do it and where our strength to do it comes from
  • As we trust Christ & follow Christ, so too we will grow in Christ-likeness, and a huge part of how this happens is through the teaching of God’s Word.

We’ll teach you to be faithful in your devotional life

  • Faithful Bible study and prayer is essential if we’re to grow in our faith.
  • You will be taught on these key areas and also helped and encouraged in sustaining a life-long devotional life.

We’ll teach you to be a worshipper

  • You will be taught that worship isn’t simply about singing songs, but about worshipping God in every aspect of our lives
  • We’ve been so encouraged over the years to see how the faithful teaching of God’s Word has captivated out hearts and fuelled our worship of God.

We’ll teach you to equip you for life

  • Whether you’re single, married, a parent or retired, the teaching at DSBC will enable & equip you for all of your life

We’ll teach you to be a deliberate Christian

  • We’ll teach you that wherever you find yourself, God has placed you there for a reason.
  • Therefore, in every sphere of your life, and at all times, you’ll be taught the importance of bearing witness to the Lord Jesus Christ

We’ll teach you to live out your faith

  • God’s Word isn’t simply to be heard, it’s to be lived out. In terms of Sunday services, the Bible will consistently be expounded and applied to your life

We’ll teach you to serve

  • We don’t simply want to puff you up with knowledge! Rather as God’s Word is taught you will discover how God has gifted you and also enabled you to put these gifts into practice

We’ll teach you to defend your faith

  • As you’re grounded in the truths of Scripture, we will teach you how to articulate your faith and know the reasons why you believe what you believe.
  • As we do this we will also teach you how to do this humbly & winsomely

We’ll teach you to value the important place of the local church

  • The important place & role of the Church is often underestimated and misunderstood
  • At DSBC you will receive teaching on what the Church is, why it’s important and how it fits into God’s sovereign plans

We’ll teach you that the Christian life is all based on grace

  • You will be taught that your ability to live out the Christian life isn’t ultimately dependant on your ability. Rather, just as God has saved us by grace, so too He sustains us by grace; and by His Spirit enables us to do what He’s called us to do.

We’ll teach you to live for the glory of God in all things!