House Groups

We currently run two housegroups – one on Tuesday and one on Thursday.  Housegroups facilitate a great environment where we go deep into God’s Word and pray for and support one another.  Housegroups are a key discipleship ministry at DSBC and we encourage everyone who’s able to come along to one of the groups.  You’ll instantly feel at home and will be blessed as you enjoy rich fellowship and the building of deep, lasting and meaningful relationships.   This of course happens Sunday by Sunday – but is greatly enhanced by the housegroup ministry.

Ladies’ Fellowship

We are a group of ladies that meets together once a month to enjoy fellowship and a variety of different activities. We invite speakers, and include a devotional element with room for discussion and times of prayer.

Our aim is to ensure Christ is at the centre of all that we do. A warm welcome is extended to all ladies.

Men’s Fellowship

An opportunity for men meeting informally, to have fellowship, to share and to care for one another is an important part of Christian discipleship. We meet monthly on the first Saturday at 9am for a light breakfast and finish about 10am.

After our breakfast we have a speaker and finish with prayer.

This is open to all men at Duncan Street and their friends.