studentsDSBC is a church which is deeply committed to our students.  We regularly have student lunches and meet every week on Sunday afternoons for a group we call Sunday Night Fellowship (unsurprisingly – we’re currently on the lookout for a new name!).

Our students are quickly integrated into the wider life of the church and it’s been a huge encouragement to see how they’ve made such an impact in the church as they’ve used their God-given abilities to serve Him.

At the start of each academic year, we send a number of delegates to the University of Edinburgh’s Church Search.  At last year’s event we pulled together the following list of questions which we believe will help any student who is currently looking for a church (although the list will actually serve anyone looking for a church):

  • Does this church believe in the authority of Scripture?
  • Does the pastor faithfully preach the Word?
  • Is this church a praying church?
  • Does this church define worship as something more than singing songs?
  • How is this church involved in mission & evangelism?
  • Has this church got a statement of faith?  If so, check it out!  If not, what do they believe?
  • What’s the church’s vision statement?  Is it Biblical?
  • Is this a church which is genuinely committed to your spiritual growth & discipleship or will it simply allow you to spectate?
  • How is this church committed to integrating you into its life & ministry and loving & supporting you?
  • After a few months, revisit these questions and also ask – do I feel a part of the family here?