Two Fringe Events

This year at the Edinburgh Fringe Duncan Street Baptist Church are really excited to be presenting two shows in August.

These will be performed by Millar College of the Bible Drama Team (Canada).

The venue will be at Charlotte Chapel, 58 Shandwick Place, at the West End of Princes Street (Venue 320).

You can buy tickets here:

George Muller: 6th to 10th August  12+  7:30pm

Tickets £10  (£5 for students and children)

Seeing hundreds of destitute, neglected orphans on the streets of Bristol, Muller knew he must do something! A poor and ordinary man, Muller pushes through insurmountable difficulties by faith in a God who does the impossible. Starting with nothing and never borrowing, this true story tells how Muller established the first of five large orphan homes. Come join us for the true story of a man who believed that the greater the difficulty to be overcome, the more will it be seen – to the glory of God – how much can be done by prayer and faith.

Buy tickets here:

Finding Grace: 13th to 17th August  12+  7:30pm

Tickets £10  (£5 for students and children)

Lonely and struggling to make ends meet, five orphans band together to create their own family. Only one thing is missing: a father and mother. One day they receive a letter announcing that they have a new adoptive father – none other than the King! As they each embark on a journey to prove themselves worthy of being loved, Gracie-Jane realises she has nothing to offer. Striving to make a name for herself, she makes a choice that may cost her everything. This story reveals that value doesn’t come from what you can do, but whose you are.

Buy tickets here:

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